Nokia symbian hack for certificate error problem

How to Hack your Nokia mobile

Dear friends, I won't beat it around the bush, directly i'll come to the point, i.e Hacking procedure. Many of you might have faced some of these common problems while installing applications, games or any softwares on your Nokia mobile. To avoid installation errors we have to hack our Nokia mobile … [Read More...]


Important Financial basics every Entrepreneur should know-feedose

Important Financial basics every Entrepreneur should know

In this article, we will concentrate on some of the important financial basics that every entrepreneur must be aware of. You don't need be from economic background to understand these, although, it's quite difficult to understand and memorize these financial basics, but we are going to make you … [Read More...]


google search engine properties

Draw Google’s Attention towards your website

  There are so many bloggers who are struggling with the internet to get their website on top of the Google's search page. Everybody wants their website to be on top of Google's search engine result but practically speaking, that's so damn difficult. There are millions of websites are available for Google to crawl up and display the requested query. … [Read More...]


successful startup

Traits of a successful startup

When it is a startup, its always going to be tough to keep ourself up with the things related. Startups usually face many problems, from investment to profit, from production of products to their marketing, etc. Starting a business have always been a risky project. One can't predict the exact … [Read More...]

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Co-founder of Huffington Post

Millionaires of the Blogosphere

Have you thought of starting a blog or a website,and dropped the Idea because of  lack of passion towards it Have you guys know there are many Bloggers who are earning Millions of $ every month. Do you guys know the Social media helping many … [Read More...]

Internet Billionaire

The men who changed the way Internet works

Do you know Google consumes more than 20% of  worlds internet traffic Do you know amazon sold 143 eBooks for every 100 hardcover books. Do you know Facebook have 1 billion active user,with 500 million user access it daily. Do you know a $4.9 … [Read More...]

Google Nexus 7_7460686984_l

Nexus 7 available at unbelievable price in

Had you planned to buy the nexus 7 when it was released, and dropped the idea because it is expensive, then its right  time to buy Nexus 7 at unbelievable low price. Even though the  google has priced its own nexus 7 15,999Rs in their Play store, Amazon … [Read More...]

How to create a website-feedose

Simple Steps to Create a Website

Having a website or Blogging is a medium to showcase your voice and also it can become your career choice, many of my youngster friends are taking blogging as their profession, very seriously. But before jumping on to professional blogging one should … [Read More...]

try these strategies to attract angel investors-feedose

Try These 5 Simple Strategies to Attract Angel Investors

Giving kickstart to an idea often needs a minimum investment. Most of the startups invest their own money at starting, when it comes to take their business next level, they need an angel investor who pours money into their business. There are many … [Read More...]